React & Refurb Group Ltd specialises in cleaning of bodily fluids, trauma cleans and cleaning after sensitive family issues, sanitising and making areas these areas safe and free of any evidence of the incident. Helping you to move forward.

We provide a professional and friendly service. Our specialist staff will ensure you receive perfect results within even the most sensitive situations.

Whatever the incident or scenario; fire or water damage, bodily fluid or animal contamination; React & Refurb Group Ltd we can restore any building or public place to a clean and safe environment.

Our Services

Health and safety of staff, and the public are paramount when conduction body fluid cleaning, the evidence must be completely removed, and surfaces sanitised. Our vehicles carry spill kits as standard and can be called out and with you onsite in as little as 2 hours

We are offering a Coronavirus deep cleaning and sanitising service. This runs alongside our decontamination service which can be provided for any location and for any outbreak – Please call for an information pack

Contamination can relate to oil spills, rotten foods, dirt and grime and React & Refurb have the skills and equipment to tackle any decontamination project. Please call for a free onsite survey

Needle use, bodily fluids, faeces, urine and rotten food are all relevant by-products of drug dens and trash houses. Often empty buildings get broken into and occupied for long periods of time and the remaining evidence can be problematic to remove and harmful to the fabric of the building and the environment. We are experts in this kind of work, we often work around the clock to get these jobs completed in the quickest time possible

Covid-19, Norovirus, Hepatitis and HIV are just some infections that can only be dealt with by trained operatives with specialist cleaning techniques and equipment. We have ATP swab meters in order that surfaces can be swabbed to prove due diligence. Hygiene certificates can be issued. We can help bring the environment in question back to a habitable state very quickly and precisely

Drug parahelia can be swept from houses, public spaces car parks or empty derelict buildings for example. Our operatives are fully trained, and all needles are incinerated through proper channels and waste notes are issued. Needles can harbour blood borne pathogens for weeks in some cases. You should only call professionals to conduct this work, so call us now

React & Refurb Group have supplied call out work to clean up after road traffic accidents (RTA’s), scenes of crime, stabbings, assaults or any incident that has led to blood contamination. Using a specialist sanitiser, we make sure surfaces are cleaned properly for the general public

Bio Hazard

Whether you are a family member, and Environmental Health Department or a Housing Association, React & Refurb Group Ltd can assist in cleaning and clearing a property from the evidence of a traumatic incident.

We can provide fogging services in enclosed public spaces to help with problems such as norovirus or other viruses. We also use odour control techniques to alleviate the problems of smokers and other sources of unpleasant smells.

We clear hoarder’s houses and provide deep cleans for Environmental Health departments at numerous councils. This can include pest control and odour control. Our friendly, competent staff operate a compassionate and respectful service with discretion assured.

Front line ambulance providers have used us to deep clean to Care Quality Commission (CQC) deep cleaning regulations.

We keep in line with Health and Safety regulations as required.


  • Deliver high quality, efficient, and consistently high levels of service

  • A good place to work that care for their staff

  • Be dependable, and the first company that people think to call

  • Deliver on our promises

  • Be transparent


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