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Fires are catastrophic and subsequently tun into floods once the fire fighters have finished. These events can ruin lives and properties. We have all the equipment in stock and are ready to deploy any number of operatives to a site to deal with the aftermath of any fire. Ozone machines, Fogging and deep cleaning are just part of the puzzle, but we have it all and are ready to go, to help you.

Flood water damages furniture, carpets wooden floors, and partitions and if not dealt with property can erode and damage the fabric of any building in very quick time. We can deploy and be onsite within 4 hours with a van full of equipment and start the process of extracting the water, and drying out the property.

Drying out of properties is a science if not carried out properly you’ll consume the amount of electricity used aggressively. Drying out should be managed and measured and this then speeds up re-entry into the property. Proper measuring and monitoring of moisture content are imperative to ensure safe re-entry and to limit the onset of mould causing further damage to your property.

Damp and humidity can cause mould development, and this can happen after a flood or just through continuous water ingress through damaged brick work and pointing or through roof leaks. We can locate sources of water ingress and provide repairs and curing to remove any secondary damage from mould.

Thermal imaging and acoustic sound are 2 ways in which we look for leaks whether under car parks, behind cupboards or under floors.

We use thermal imaging to look for leaks, which can happen with underfloor heating, or from pipework behind shower boards for example Thermal imaging can save hours of unwarranted labour time and false digs or invasive works in the wrong place. Get your assumed leak checked properly and call React & Refurb Group who will arrive with all required kit, to get things right first time.

Fire & Flood damage, Sanitisation

React & Refurb Group Ltd specialises in fire and flood damage, sanitising and making areas safe for use.

We provide a professional and friendly service whatever your needs, business or residential. Our specialist staff will ensure you receive perfect results within even the most sensitive situations. Whatever the incident or scenario; fire or water damage, bodily fluid or animal contamination; React & Refurb Group Ltd we can restore any building or public place to a clean and safe environment.

Should a home or building be damaged by fire or flood, we have the facilities to clean and deodorise the room or building. We also have dehumidifiers and a full range of drying out equipment. We also have professional Ozone and fogging equipment to tackle problems with odours. These are essential pieces of kit to assist in restoring any property to pre-loss condition

We work in-line with PAS 64 which is the basis of IICRC training. The use of dehumidifiers, ozone machines, air managers and snail dryers are all part of the process to make sure properties are dried quickly and effectively

Pests have the potential to contaminate the workplace, spread disease, damage products, foodstuffs and property and even ruin your reputation leading to loss of business and even prosecution.

If you have a pest problem and you’re responsible for a vulnerable site attractive to pests, then it is essential you put the right provisions in place to protect you and your customers.

React & Refurb provide trauma cleaning and bodily fluid removal, and this is where we can assist with the trauma site. Insects and other pests can breed rapidly and manifest themselves at a crime scene or in/on a decomposing body. Rotten foods can also be the perfect place for pests to breed and live. We are certified and authorised to buy and use the appropriate chemicals to eradicate them.


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